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Image by Farsai Chaikulngamdee

Meet Monica

About Monica

Monica started her journey in fitness due to an overweight frame that was creating many health challenges.  She entered a low impact yoga class at the YMCA and with regular participation started to shed the pounds.  One day the instructor did not show up for class, and everyone thought she would be great to teach the class.  After teaching her first class in 1992, she became hooked and started a career in fitness.  Over the years she shed more than 75 pounds and continued to receive education to keep up with the growing fitness trends. 

After an unfortunate car accident, she started having problems with her lower back and the doctors recommended surgery.  This was not an option for her so she took the recommendation of a friend and went to a hot yoga class.  What she initially thought was the worst thing
ever, quickly turned into a passion and within 5 years became a yoga instructor.  Today, she travels the world to speak about the benefits of yoga and how it saved her from surgery and depression.  Monica holds an annual fitness retreat that allows people to learn more about fitness AND nutrition.  It was through her love and passion of yoga that led to her own personal brand, YogaHIIT
TM. Today, Monica resides in the San Francisco Bay Area of California.

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